War is hell, but for the children of the occupier and the occupied, hell truly begins when peace comes - and it lasts a lifetime. With captivating narration, Liv Ullmann leads us through the lifelong struggles of five children born of the Second World War. "Wars Don´t End" shines light on valuable lessons from the past, equally relevant now as they will be in the foreseeable future.  


In the wake of the Second World War, thousands of children were born to German soldiers and mothers from occupied territories. Many of these innocent children stood without sorely needed protection and were treated as fair game. 70 years later, the Norwegian war children break the silence and share their soul-stirring stories. In their moving testimonies, they reflect upon the abuse they endured for being the carriers of the “Nazi genes” and the systematic discrimination they faced, being shunned by their communities and their government alike. As living witnesses still enduring abuse, they speak of their deep desire to make a positive difference and protect the future of children born of war today.


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  • Director : Dheeraj Akolkar
  • Producer : Christian Falch, Torstein Parelius
  • Release : 28-09-2018
  • Lenght : 63’ and 52’
  • Country : Norway
  • Language : Norwegian, English